Colecţia de Lux Pierre Cardin - Elysee

Anti bacterial, Anti-ciuperci, Anti-resturi organice

Colecţia de covoare Pierre Cardin - Elysee

Elysee, one of the most elite series of new Pierre Cardin Carpet Collection, moves the Neo-Classical appearance of Paris into our
own space by the elegant harmonic design of its patterns.
Thanks to its brand new woolen 'Cut & Loop' structure, Elysee represents a different area of carpet market while determining
the new route of decorative trends with its stylish designs
which use an original coloring and subtle nuances. Transforming
everysurface it covers into a privileged place, Elysee is ready to
become the new favorite of residences with its stylish alternatives.

Covoarele Pierre Cardin Elysee sunt confecţionate folosind fibre de lână, acril şi mătase.

Dimensiuni disponibile:
- 0,80m x 1,50m
- 0,80m x 3,00m
- 1,00m x 2,00m
- 1,20m x 1,80m
- 1,60m x 2,30m
- 1,70m x 2,50m
- 2,00m x 3,00m